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The pressure on businesses, public agencies and society to innovate and change increases constantly. Organizations and individuals have less and less time to adapt and improve, to get ready for the rising competition. What is needed are orientations that last beyond today, that provide a solid platform for future innovations while building on the successes of the past and providing enough room for differentiation.
People expect organizations that they can read, that stand for something, that exhibit and live their values, that are reliable and trustworthy, with whom they can engage in long-term relationships. Only ideas that cater to both the economic challenges facing today's organizations as well as the human needs of their various stakeholders will attract enough resources and competencies to sustain their organizational future.

The generation of lasting ideas and values, their relation to the goals of an organization, their translation into innovative projects and management structures constitute deliberate design processes. Design becomes the key to success.

Traditional design disciplines play an increasing role in the development and communication of sustainable ideas and values as well as in their implementation into products and services. Design determines how an organization as a whole is experienced.

The integrative, strategic management of design processes in this dualistic sense changes goals and procedures, strengthens organizations and thus contributes directly to corporate value.